Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
The Economy

Here in Ascot, there is no denying that the past few years have been a challenge economically. However, as a former CEO, I know the strength of a long-term plan. That’s why I’m encouraged by our Conservative economic plan which is slowly but surely building a stronger, more competitive economy to secure Britain’s future. Clearly there are still trials to overcome, but the road ahead looks positive with lower unemployment, lower taxes and lower borrowing costs.

This Government has cut the deficit by a third in just three years. The private sector has created more than 1.3 million new jobs since the election and we have seen the fastest rate of new business creation for decades. As a result of our long-term economic plan, our economy is now growing faster than any other major European economy. Despite having a deficit the same size as Greece, Britain has been able to borrow at interest rates close to Germany’s.

Next month, the Chancellor will deliver his Budget which will support investment and exports, so that we a secure better future for Britain. The recovery is strong but it is not yet secure. Britain is not investing and it is not exporting enough, so our economy is still too unbalanced. That is why next month’s Budget will confront our problems and safeguard our recovery in the face of ever present global threats. It will lay the foundations for our long-term economic security so we secure a better and a more financially secure future for hardworking people and their children.

While the Labour Party continues to advocate plans that would damage business and employment opportunities and burden future generations with debt, Conservatives in Government will continue to support jobs and restore the credibility of the British economy. There is much more to do but we must stick to our plan so we can secure a better future for Britain!