Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
Windsor MP welcomes parliamentary report on airport expansion

Today, the Windsor MP has welcomed the findings of a key parliamentary committee on airport expansion.

The report raised serious concerns about the ability of Heathrow to stick to legally binding emissions and air quality targets.

The report concluded that the third runway should not go ahead at Heathrow unless the Government could demonstrate how it could fit into the UK’s environmental targets and obligations.

Adam Afriyie, Windsor’s MP, commented:             

“This report is yet another nail in the coffin for the case for Heathrow expansion.

“A third runway at goes against the growing body of scientific evidence that Gatwick is the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option for a new runway if we do not have the foresight to build an offshore airport.

“I’m delighted that the report recommends a ban on night flights if a third runway is built and this further demonstrates that Heathrow is in the wrong place for expansion. It is quite clear that Heathrow airport would not be able to fully use its extra runway particularly when any increase in noise would currently affect 68 times more people than Gatwick.

“The Government has a clear obligation to answer the serious concerns about Heathrow’s case for expansion and I will continue to press Ministers for answers and urge them to choose Gatwick as the least bad short-term solution.

“With threats of legal action, it would be unwise for the government to give Heathrow the green light without a proper strategy.”


Notes to editors: 

  1. Adam has been fighting against the third runway since he was first selected as the Conservative candidate for the Windsor constituency. Find details of his activity here;
  2. The campaign group Coalition Against the New Runway is fighting against Heathrow expansion. See their website for further details.