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Bracknell News Column: Wednesday, 5 October 2016

We are getting closer and closer to a decision on airport expansion.

The argument against expansion at Heathrow, when there are so many preferable alternatives, has been made time and time again. As someone who has campaigned against Heathrow for more than a decade, I can’t even count the number of debates I have spoken at, petitions I have signed and local community groups that I have visited. Now, more than ever, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. That is why I have decided to support an Early Day Motion (EDM) proposed by my colleague Zac Goldsmith; someone who has likewise campaigned against expansion at Heathrow for many years.

I do not typically sign Early Day Motions but, given the imminence of a decision on airport expansion, I am making an exception. The motion will call for the CEO of Heathrow to debate directly with the CEO of Gatwick – a request that Gatwick have accepted and Heathrow have declined. We are urging John Holland-Kaye to reconsider. We believe that Members must be properly informed before taking a decision on airport expansion and that a debate is the best way to ensure this. The motion will not state a preference towards either Gatwick or Heathrow. It will simply stress the need for evidence and debate. Evidence-based policy should come before party or ideology, and there are few decisions that will have more long-term impacts on a community than airport expansion. As such, I hope that as many of my fellow MPs as possible will support this motion. You have my commitment that I will continue to fight tooth and nail against the 3rd Runway at Heathrow and for the best outcome for our community and the UK.



  1. Adam Afriyie is the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Ghana.
  2. He has a strong background in science, technology and innovation.
  3. He is currently Chairman of the Fintech APPG, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and President of the Conservative Technology Forum (CTF).
  4. He was Shadow Minister for Science from 2007-2010 and has a background in the information services and technology sector.
  5. He is Patron of the Parliamentary Space Committee (PSC) and was Chair of the PSC between 2010 and 2015.