MP for Windsor
Working Hard For You
Fighting for accurate migration data
We need better immigration statistics. It's not possible to write effective policy if we don't know who's coming into the UK, for how long and why. People that travel to the UK aren't a single, simple group; there are tourists, migrant workers, students, investors, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants. We need to reintroduce universal exit checks as soon as feasibly possible.
I believe
  1. We must reintroduce universal exit checks as soon as feasibly possible
  2. We must count people in and out of the country, preferably with better implementation of efficient and cost-effective electronic borders
  3. We must collect more detailed information about migrants, including why they're travelling to the UK and how long they intend to stay. This data should be published openly
Actions undertaken in Parliament
  1. Spoken in 10 debates in the House of Commons
  2. Asked 6 written questions on migration and 4 questions on immigration to Ministers
  3. Published over 35 articles in the national and local media
  4. Responded to around 1,000 letters from constituents about immigration
Recent activities