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Simplifying the complicated tax system and taxes overall
Our tax code is the second longest in the whole world, filled as it is with exemptions, loopholes and regulations. These complications make it difficult for the Government to ensure everyone fulfils their tax obligations. This must stop. We need a tax system where everyone finds it simple pay the right amount of tax.
I believe
  1. Rename Employees' National Insurance as the "Earnings Tax," then work towards combining it with Income Tax
  2. Rename Employers' National Insurance as the "Jobs Tax," with a view to removing it or one day merging it with Corporation Tax
  3. Raise the income tax threshold to £12,500 or more, so the lowest earners keep more of their money
  4. Reduce capital gains tax from 28% to a more appropriate rate of about 20%, so that perverse incentives are removed
Actions undertaken in Parliament
  1. Spoken in 33 debates in the House of Commons
  2. Asked 15 written questions to Ministers
  3. Published as many as 10 articles in the national and local media
  4. Replied to as many as 460 letters from constituents about taxation
Recent activities
Windsor MP welcomes increased investment in horseracing

Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, has welcomed the Government’s recent reforms to the Horserace Betting Levy, which ensures a level playing field for betting shops and increases investment in grassroots horseracing.

From April 2017 online and offshore operators will be required to pay a levy on the profits made from bets on horseracing on parity with high street betting shops.

Number of people taken out of tax since 2010

Adam Afriyie (Windsor, Conservative): To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many people in (a) the UK, (b) the Thames Valley and (c) Windsor constituency no longer pay income tax due to changes in the level of personal allowance introduced since 2010.

David Gauke (The Exchequer Secretary): By April this year this Government’s increases in the personal allowance (for those born after 5 April 1948) are estimated to have taken over 3 million individuals out of the income tax system altogether. 384,000 of these individuals live in the south east region, which includes the Thames Valley and the parliamentary constituency of Windsor.

These estimates are based on the 2011-12 Survey of Personal Incomes, projected to 2014-15 using economic assumptions consistent with the Office for Budget Responsibility’s March 2014 economic and fiscal outlook.

HM Treasury does not publish this information at constituency level.