Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
Windsor MP welcomes an increasing number of good and outstanding schools

Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, has welcomed the news from Ofsted that the number of schools graded as good or outstanding in England has reached a new record high.

In Windsor and Maidenhead the number of good or outstanding schools has increased from 47 to 53, a 13% increase on last year. This increase is greater than across the South East of England, in which the number of schools graded by Ofsted as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ has increased to 2,843, an increase of 234 schools, or 9%, compared to 2015.

Across England as a whole the number of good or outstanding schools increased from 17,256 to 18,607. This amounts to 89% of all English schools – the highest proportion ever recorded.

Windsor MP welcomes the Africa Free Trade Initiative Final Report

This week the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Trade out of Poverty (APPG-TOP) launched its Final Report into its inquiry on the UK’s Africa Free Trade Initiative (AFTi).

The AFTi was started in 2011 by the Government to explore ways to help African countries integrate into the world trade system. For the last five years it has provided support to both individual African governments and regional integration efforts, as well as informing various British Government Departments in their interactions with African governments to improving trade conditions in Africa.

Windsor MP welcomes CAA’s call for a ‘rethink’

Andrew Haines, Chief Executive of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has called for a ‘complete rethink’ of the airspace patterns before either Heathrow or Gatwick is given permission for a new runway.

He has warned that unless air flight patterns are modernised the expanded airport may be unable to use any of this additional capacity due to lack of airspace.

Mr Haines compared the situation of expanding an airport without redesigning airspace to ‘building a brand new car park and forgetting to build the access road to it’.


The MP for the Windsor constituency, Adam Afriyie welcomed the announcement:

“Most sensible people realise that a third runway at Heathrow is nonsensical because it is already the most expensive airport in Europe, in breach of pollution regulations, requires billions of taxpayer subsidy and could only operate at half capacity. We now discover that it is not guaranteed that Heathrow could use any additional airspace capacity a third runway might create.

Windsor MP welcomes Team Margot campaign to boost stem cell donors

Adam Afriyie MPI recently attended a Parliamentary event hosted by Team Margot. The campaign is named after Margot Martini, who sparked a worldwide campaign to find more stem cell donors after falling victim to a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia.

Team Margot is a charity set up to campaign to raise awareness of the lack of stem cell and bone marrow donors. 37,000 people worldwide need a bone marrow transplant, but unfortunately only half of those seeking a donor will ever find one. The odds are even lower for ethnic minority or mixed race patients: 21%.

Team Margot have been calling on the Government to bolster efforts, both in the UK and overseas, to increase the number of people signed up to registers and, in the three quarters of the countries in the world where a register doesn’t exist, help those countries set one up or to create a global ‘virtual’ register.


Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, has said:

“Considering that blood cancer is in the top 10 most common causes of cancer death in the UK it is shocking that just 1.7% of the UK are signed up to the national registry. I wish Team Margot the best of luck in increasing this to their target of doubling this figure to 4%.

Windsor MP welcomes the 2016 Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech today laid out the legislation that the Government plans to introduce over the next year.

The Speech covered a broad-range of issues, including maintaining defence spending above 2% of GDP, introducing a new system of allocating funding for schools and making the UK’s economy more competitive by investing in digital infrastructure, cutting business rates and building 1 million new homes.

The Speech also promised to tackle a broad range of social issues and acknowledge a more holistic view of poverty, looking at factors such as family breakdown, drug addiction and ‘problem debt’ as well as the biggest overhaul of the prisons system since the Victorian era.


Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, has said:

“This was a Queen’s Speech that puts a fairer society, social justice and security at the forefront. The Government has shown that it has a clear programme of social reform as well as balancing the books.