Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
Windsor MP welcomes the 2016 Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech today laid out the legislation that the Government plans to introduce over the next year.

The Speech covered a broad-range of issues, including maintaining defence spending above 2% of GDP, introducing a new system of allocating funding for schools and making the UK’s economy more competitive by investing in digital infrastructure, cutting business rates and building 1 million new homes.

The Speech also promised to tackle a broad range of social issues and acknowledge a more holistic view of poverty, looking at factors such as family breakdown, drug addiction and ‘problem debt’ as well as the biggest overhaul of the prisons system since the Victorian era.


Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, has said:

“This was a Queen’s Speech that puts a fairer society, social justice and security at the forefront. The Government has shown that it has a clear programme of social reform as well as balancing the books.

Windsor MP comments on the resignation of David Burbage

David Burbage has resigned as Leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council after nine years in the position.

Adam Afriyie the MP for the Windsor constituency, said:

“David is one of the most effective councillors and local champions I have ever met. Under his leadership the Royal Borough has become a trailblazer, introducing innovative policies that have set national standards, improved our services and cut our council taxes year on year.

“His MBE was well earned and, while I am sad to hear of his decision to stand down after 9 years of exemplary service, I very much hope to see him in a leading public service role again in the future. The next Leader of the Royal Borough has a tough act to follow but I’m confident that the Conservative led council will continue to serve us well.”

Windsor MP welcomes tax cuts for small businesses

Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, welcomes a raft of new tax cuts for small business that will encourage apprenticeships and investment.

From April small business rate relief has been doubled and the employment allowance for businesses and charities will increase from £2,000 to £3,000. It will offset the cost of the National Living Wage, which is being increased to £7.20 – a 7.5% wage increase for people on lower pay.

Fuel duty has also been frozen for the sixth consecutive year that Conservatives have been in power which has held down the costs of doing business particularly for self-employed mobile workers who make use of vans.


The MP for the Windsor constituency, Adam Afriyie welcomed the figures:

“These policies come from a Conservative Government that is on the side of young people, the lower paid and people who start their own businesses or take up an apprenticeship or, indeed, give something back to the community by taking on an apprentice.

Windsor MP welcomes Pension Reforms

Adam Afriyie, the MP for Windsor, welcomes the biggest reform of the state pension since its creation.

These reforms will replace the earnings-related additional state pension for future retirees and give the state pension its biggest boost for 15 years. As well as simplifying the system this will be beneficial to new retirees, especially women: over the next fifteen years 70% of men will benefit from these reforms as will 75% of women.

This is part of the Government’s broader package of reforms to boost saving and incentivise work. The new Personal Savings Allowance will remove tax on savings income in a progressive way that benefits the poorest the most. Capital Gains Tax has also been cut to 20% for higher rate tax payers and 10% for Basic Rate taxpayers.

These actions by this Conservative Government will mean that 51,956 people in Windsor have had their taxes cut in the next year including 1,044 who will be taken out of taxation altogether over the next year.


The MP for the Windsor constituency, Adam Afriyie welcomed the figures:

“If you work hard your entire life then I think it is only right that the Government does what it can to support your security in retirement.

Windsor MP welcomes National Apprenticeships Week

The MP for Windsor welcomes the National Apprenticeships Week, designed to promote apprenticeships and celebrate the positive impact that they have on both the economy and on social mobility.

The number of apprenticeships doubled over the course of the last Parliament and the Conservative Manifesto promised 3 million more high quality apprenticeships by 2020, a task already underway and predicted to accelerate once the Apprenticeships Levy comes into force.

348,300 apprenticeships have been created since May 2010 in the South East alone and in the constituency of Windsor 2,760 people have benefited from apprenticeships schemes.

The MP for the Windsor constituency, Adam Afriyie welcomed the figures:

“It’s great that so many people are recognising the benefits of apprenticeships and transforming their life chances.

“It’s also good to see the back of Labour’s foolish focus on universities to the exclusion of all other education streams is over and that the vocational route is beginning to enjoy equal esteem.

“2,760 people in Windsor constituency have benefitted from apprenticeships since 2010 and have equipped themselves with the tools they need to find a job, earn a living and contribute to Britain’s economic future. A Parliamentary Question I asked last year showed that this included a number in Engineering, Manufacturing and ICT.

“As someone who got into politics in the first place driven by the issue of social mobility I have taken a particular interest in ways in which apprenticeships can help someone’s life chances. Only last week I attended a lunch with Lord Baker and the Edge Foundation to discuss the need for careers talks to highlight the benefits of apprenticeships and University Technical Colleges.

“I would encourage all students to consider an apprenticeship particularly if they aren’t that keen on university at 18.”


Note to editors

  1. Adam Afriyie has written at length on education and social mobility. To see his full record please see here and here.
  2. Adam Afriyie has a strong background and interest in science, technology and innovation due to his entrepreneurial background in the IT sector and a variety of posts he has held and/or currently holds, including Shadow Minister for Science, Chairman of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and President of the Conservative Technology Forum (CTF).