Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
Britain needs to encourage investors to come to the UK

It would be better if more foreign money was invested in British companies to create jobs and pay taxes rather than simply funding Government borrowing. The answer to a recent parliamentary question highlights the need for a change if overseas money is to help boost jobs and economic growth.

In a column written for the Huffington Post, I argue that the Government needs to strengthen the investor visa in three ways to encourage more investment in UK private companies.

Read the article on the Huffington Post.


We need better migration data for an effective immigration policy

This morning I wrote an article for The Spectator about the poor state of the UK’s migration data. Our migration estimates are based on a survey taken by as few as 5,000 migrants a year.

We can’t write effective immigration policy without having a clear view of the evidence – good policies depend on good evidence. So I urge the Government to introduce a system of counting people in and out of the country.

Read the article on The Spectator.


Non-white voters may hold the key to the next general election

On Friday I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about the increasing number of non-white people “deserting” Labour – and choosing to vote Conservative.

That’s one reason why I’m optimistic about the Conservatives’ prospects in 2015, and beyond. There’s justification to believe that over the next few years more and more non-white people will start to naturally align themselves with the Conservatives. Check out my blog post on the Huffington Post.