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Conservatives for Britain will get the best deal for Britain in Europe

I am proud to be a supporter of Conservatives for Britain, a group set up to push for fundamental reform of Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Conservatives for Britain will assess whether renegotiation achieves fundamental reform of our EU membership. If the EU refuses to change and provide a sustainable future for its member states, then we will recommend that Britain becomes an outward-looking, globally focussed nation that trades with Europe and the rest of the world from outside of the European Union.

The changes that we need are:

  • Border control. As the crisis in the Mediterranean and at Calais is showing, EU policy is causing chaos. Britain needs to manage immigration in a sustainable way that benefits British citizens and aspiring migrants who want to contribute to our country.
  • Free trade. We should have the ability to make trade deals with friendly nations all around the globe to bring prices down and boost British exports.
  • Less regulation. The EU has imposed a Kafkaesque system of incomprehensible regulations that kill small businesses, to the benefit of multinational corporations and their swish legal teams. Regulations must be cut and only apply to those businesses exporting to EU countries.
  • Parliamentary sovereignty. The European Commission remains distant and is appointed by back door deals, where political elites club together to benefit themselves. British law laid down by a sovereign Parliament, made up of accountable politicians, must remain the law of the land.
  • An end to “ever closer union”. The British public wants a friendly, trading relationship with our European partners, not to hand over political powers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. We need to act in our national interest, opting out of more integration.

The EU, as it stands, is broken. It’s too protectionist, bureaucratic and undemocratic. It needs to allow its member states more freedom to trade as they choose, a democratic process of holding decision-makers to account and assurances that Britain will not be dragged down the rabbit hole of further integration.

If you agree that the EU needs serious reform, then sign up to Conservatives for Britain to join a wide movement of activists, supporters and representatives who are working hard to get the best deal for Britain.

Sign up here. Follow Conservatives for Britain on Twitter here.


Parliament supports science

Last week Parliament renewed its commitment to science and technology. Recent suggestions of budget cuts to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) prompted prominent members of the science and engineering community, and many MPs and Peers, to voice their support for POST.

Adam speaking about science at the Conservative Party Conference

Following discussions with the House of Commons authorities, Adam Afriyie MP, Chair of the POST Board, is now confident that the POST budget is secure until April 2015.

Commenting on the news, Mr Afriyie said:

“Supporting parliamentarians’ work through POST is absolutely critical to improving understanding of science and technology issues in Parliament. POST has a vital role to play in improving the quality of public policy in the UK by supporting an evidence-based approach to policy-making.

“I am delighted that the POST budget is now secure until April 2015.”


  • Telephone: 020 7219 8023
  • E-mail:

Editors’ notes:

1. Adam Afriyie is MP for Windsor and Chair of the POST Board. He was Shadow Minister for Science and Innovation from 2007 to 2010.

2. POST’s website: 



Windsor MP to champion innovation for the Conservatives

In a speech today by Conservative Party Leader David Cameron on innovation, he announced that Windsor MP, Adam Afriyie, would champion innovation in public policy for the Conservatives.

David and Adam met at The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) to highlight new Conservative Party thinking on innovation.

David Cameron said:

“Adam’s task will be to find the great innovations of today and tomorrow from around the world, and be their champion inside government.”


Speaking with David Cameron at the announcement of his new role, Adam said:

“I am delighted to take charge of our innovation policy. Because, ultimately, the pace of innovation will determine Britain’s place in the world.”

“But when it comes to solving our economic, social and environmental problems, the solutions will not come from the continued stranglehold of state bureaucracy. They will not come from the old politics of top-down control…they will come from placing our trust in the spirit of innovation hard-wired in our DNA.”