MP for Windsor
Working Hard For You
The Conservatives get a strong mandate, locally and nationally

First, I want to say thank you for the overwhelming support and my re-election as the MP for Windsor. It means a lot to me. You have my commitment that I will continue to work hard to protect and improve our constituency and our country.

The local election results for the Bracknell Forest and the Royal Borough could also not be any clearer. In RBWM local residents have supported the Conservative team in 95% of the seats, electing 54 Conservatives to the 57 seats available.

The leaders’ debate showed that only the Conservatives have a credible plan

As the election campaign kicked off, it was fascinating to watch the seven main party leaders set out their positions in the leaders’ debates. For those of us living in England, it demonstrated a clear choice between the coherent economic competence of the Conservatives on the one hand, and the chaos of the other parties.

It was clear throughout that Conservatives have a plan to get rid of the deficit, by bearing down on departmental spending and further reducing welfare, so that work really pays.

Yes, we are still spending more than we can afford as a country, but thanks to tough decisions taken by Conservatives in Government, the deficit has been cut by half in percentage terms in this parliament, and will be eliminated in the next. Conservatives believe it’s morally wrong to leave huge debts behind for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to pay off.

The only way to build a prosperous future that works for everyone and provide the public services we all rely on is with more jobs and a growing economy. That’s why it’s so important that we stick to the economic plan that has made us the fastest growing major economy. It is striking to note that we have created 2 million jobs which is more than any other European country. And let’s not forget that, for all the challenges facing it, the NHS has been voted the best health service in the world.

The other parties showed that they simply don’t have the plans to deliver on growth, jobs and taxes. From what I can fathom, Labour will cost the average family about £3,000 more in taxes over the next parliament, levy a tax on homes in the South-East to give more money to Scotland and has no strategy for cutting the deficit. A Labour Government, in all likelihood propped up by the SNP, would mean more taxes, higher unemployment, and unaffordable borrowing.

The other parties have no sensible plans for deficit reduction, job creation or economic growth and none of them will be willing or able to give people their say in an in/out referendum on our EU membership other than the Conservatives.

So, I guess, if you fancy a punt based on reckless promises then a vote for one of the other parties might be in order.  But if you want a bright future with the security of a grown-up Government that sticks to a sensible economic plan that’s putting people into work and our country back on top, then I’d encourage to vote Conservative on the 7th of May.


I’m more determined than ever to secure a prosperous future for Windsor

It was a moving moment to be unanimously readopted as the candidate by the Windsor Conservative Association, back in 2013.  To receive their endorsement means a lot to me, and has enabled me to continue focussing my energies on fighting for the things that matter to residents.

Having come from a pretty tough background in South East London it is a huge privilege to have served as the MP for Windsor since 2005. We’ve achieved a lot since then, but there is so much more to do and I am determined to see it through if re-elected in May.

Victory in Newark thanks to the conservative family

Last night’s Conservative victory in Newark is a fantastic result for the party.

While campaigning in Newark, I was overwhelmed by the number of young Conservative members knocking on doors and handing out leaflets alongside MPs, grassroot supporters and local activists. It shows that the conservative family is truly in good health. So I’ve written an article for the Huffington Post celebrating the hard work of the many campaigners who travelled to Newark over the last few weeks.

I’m certain that Robert Jenrick will do a superb job standing up for his constituents in Parliament, and I look forward to seeing him on Monday!

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Record business growth thanks to sound economic policies

Should Ed Miliband and Ed Balls walk into Downing Street next year? I don’t think so. The Conservative-led Coalition is part way through clearing up Labour’s mess and showing itself to be a safe pair of economic hands – Britain is now one of the fastest growing countries in the G8.

That’s why I have written an article for the Huffington Post this morning, asking all those people who belong to the wide-ranging and diverse small-c conservative family to vote Conservative in the upcoming Newark by-election and the 2015 General Election. A vote for any other party, risks giving Ed Miliband the edge he needs to win next year. I hope if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that Labour should not be given the UK credit card again.

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