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LOCAL Column: Thursday, 25 April 2013

Insensitive over-development of our area is one of my key concerns for Ascot, Sunninghill, Sunningdale and across the constituency. That’s why I’m delighted that the Ascot and Sunnings Neighbourhood Plan looks set to be adopted after residents voted in its favour at the referendum earlier this month.

Neighbourhood plans are an excellent tool to help ensure any developments are in keeping with local wishes, and I am delighted to have supported the Localism Act as it made it’s way through parliament. Local plans allow local authorities to guide development in the area and, having looked closely at the plan, I’m pleased to see that it is well balanced; calling for development of the high street but against a backdrop that it does not damage or destroy the leafy and picturesque landscape we enjoy. It seems to me it’s a good plan that would allow the building of some additional housing but only in line with increasing and improving local services and infrastructure.

I’m pleased residents best interests are being served through the Plan, which is creative and positive in seeking the best approach to accommodating sustainable development in our area. This is why it has gained so much strong local support for a major redevelopment and rejuvenation of Ascot which will deliver a considerable amount of new housing alongside new economic opportunities for retail and small businesses, infrastructure improvements to the High Street and much desired community benefits in the form of a new primary school, community hall and open space.

The plan will now proceed to formal adoption by the council next month. You have my commitment that I will follow the process carefully to ensure residents wishes are maintained throughout.