Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
Adam Afriyie says ruling out offshore airport option is a “catastrophic mistake”

Adam Afriyie MP today called The Airport Commission’s decision to eliminate the Thames Estuary option from its deliberations a “catastrophic mistake”.

Responding to the news, Adam Afriyie also raised concerns about the amount of scrutiny the offshore option had been subject to compared with other options.

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor, said:

“Ruling out a Thames Estuary airport option is a catastrophic mistake. It shows a lack of ambition and undermines our economic future.

“Why build a single extra runway with all the expense, disruption and extra noise it will create for millions of people, when it doesn’t actually solve the long-term problem? We’d have to start to build several more runways soon afterwards.

The UK should be open-minded about alternative currencies, says Adam Afriyie

Adam Afriyie today reacted to George Osborne’s plans to make Britain a “global centre of financial innovation”.

Yesterday the Chancellor announced that he’d commission a review to explore the potential role that cryptocurrencies could play in the UK.

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor, said:

“The UK must remain a global centre for financial innovation and I very much welcome the jobs and prosperity these plans can bring.

“There is a large global market for cryptocurrencies, and this is something we must consider taking advantage of. Having pioneered “sukuk” Islamic bonds, we have a good track record in bringing innovative and flexible financial services to market.

Ruling out an offshore airport would be a mistake
Heathrow meeting
Adam attending a Heathrow public meeting

Is Sir Howard Davies about to rule out an offshore airport? That would be a catastrophic error; a premature, short-sighted decision that lacks the vision necessary to ensure Britain is a powerhouse of world trade once again.

If Britain is going to be a modern, forward-thinking, trading nation once again, we’ll need three, perhaps five, runways over the next few decades. That is why I’ve urged the Airport Commission to include the offshore option in their final report in an article on the Huffington Post today.

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Adam Afriyie welcomes tax cut for businesses, charities and clubs in Windsor

Adam Afriyie has welcomed new figures showing that 109,000 businesses in the South East have benefited from the new Employment Allowance.

The allowance takes up to £2,000 off the National Insurance bill of every employer in the country, and means a business can now hire someone on £22,400 a year without paying any Employers’ National Insurance at all.

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor, said:

“Cutting this pernicious Jobs Tax will help businesses create jobs in Windsor, Berkshire and across the country. More people will now have the added security of a regular monthly wage, so they can pay their bills and look after their families.

Smart meters are not so smart

The Government plans to roll-out smart meters across the UK. These meters will record the amount of gas and electricity you use minute-by-minute in your house, as well as how much it costs. This information will help us make an informed choice about our energy supplier – but is it worth the £11bn price tag?

There are now cheaper, more efficient technological solutions for recording and relaying this energy data. How about accessing this information through a smartphone app rather than an in-home display? In light of technological developments, the Government should now strongly reconsider the smart meter roll-out as I’ve written in an article for The Register this morning.

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