Candidate for Windsor
Working Hard For You
Parliament has been dissolved until after the general election so Adam is not currently an MP. He was MP for the Windsor Constituency from 2005-17 so any references are historic.
Why I’m standing for re-election as your MP

Having grown up in a tough neighbourhood in South East London, it has been a huge privilege to have been elected to represent the Windsor constituency for 12 years.

With hard work we’ve achieved a lot over that period, but I am very conscious that there is much more to do in protecting and improving our constituency and our country.

A map of the Windsor constituency takes pride of place on my office wall. It reminds me every day that it is you, my constituents, who have elected me to serve your interests.

So I want to thank you for your overwhelming and continued support in the past and, should I be fortunate to be re-elected on 8th June, you have my commitment that I will continue to work hard in representing your interests in Parliament.


My top local priorities if re-elected will be:

  • Continuing the fight against Heathrow expansion.
  • Protecting our area from devastating floods.
  • Defending a vibrant local economy.

For more information, please see the ‘Campaigns’ section of this website.


My national priorities will be:

  • A strong voice for Theresa May as she negotiates our departure from the EU
  • A strong and stable economy that spreads jobs and opportunity to everyone
  • An outward looking Britain that expands its trade and connections across the globe

Above all, please ensure that you’re registered to vote here before 22nd May.


…And I hope to see you on the campaign trail!


Warm regards


Adam Afriyie

Conservative candidate for Windsor


Update from Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police is set to increase security measures in Windsor from this evening (27/3).

Specialist barriers will be put in place around Windsor Castle ahead of the Guard Change which is set to take place on Wednesday (29/3).

Security measures and activities, including those for pre-planned events in crowded places have been reviewed by the Force following the recent terror attack in Westminster.

Encryption makes the UK safer

Yesterday the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, was right to say that Britain would not be cowed by the terrorist attacks last Wednesday. Nor would we accept terrorism as an inevitable fact of life.

We must always be mindful against encroaching on traditional British liberties which protect the citizen against the state. We must be equally mindful that 21st century terrorists use 21st century tools, not those of the previous century or decade. Our laws and techniques to combat terrorism must keep pace with the tools of terror that threaten our safety.