Adam Afriyie
MP for Windsor
Conservatives for Britain will get the best deal for Britain in Europe

ConforBrit logoI am proud to be a supporter of Conservatives for Britain, a group set up to push for fundamental reform of Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Conservatives for Britain will assess whether renegotiation achieves fundamental reform of our EU membership. If the EU refuses to change and provide a sustainable future for its member states, then we will recommend that Britain becomes an outward-looking, globally focussed nation that trades with Europe and the rest of the world from outside of the European Union.

The changes that we need are:

  • Border control. As the crisis in the Mediterranean and at Calais is showing, EU policy is causing chaos. Britain needs to manage immigration in a sustainable way that benefits British citizens and aspiring migrants who want to contribute to our country.
  • Free trade. We should have the ability to make trade deals with friendly nations all around the globe to bring prices down and boost British exports.
  • Less regulation. The EU has imposed a Kafkaesque system of incomprehensible regulations that kill small businesses, to the benefit of multinational corporations and their swish legal teams. Regulations must be cut and only apply to those businesses exporting to EU countries.
  • Parliamentary sovereignty. The European Commission remains distant and is appointed by back door deals, where political elites club together to benefit themselves. British law laid down by a sovereign Parliament, made up of accountable politicians, must remain the law of the land.
  • An end to “ever closer union”. The British public wants a friendly, trading relationship with our European partners, not to hand over political powers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. We need to act in our national interest, opting out of more integration.

The EU, as it stands, is broken. It’s too protectionist, bureaucratic and undemocratic. It needs to allow its member states more freedom to trade as they choose, a democratic process of holding decision-makers to account and assurances that Britain will not be dragged down the rabbit hole of further integration.

If you agree that the EU needs serious reform, then sign up to Conservatives for Britain to join a wide movement of activists, supporters and representatives who are working hard to get the best deal for Britain.

Sign up here. Follow Conservatives for Britain on Twitter here.

Heathrow noise update

The letter below has gone out to constituents in response to queries about what is being done to tackle the airspace changes, that have increased noise over parts of the constituency.

The focus is:

  1. Pressing for a consultation on, and change to, NATs Guidance on airspace strategy.
  2. Asking for NATs to have responsibility for the level of ground noise imposed by aircraft
  3. Urging the use of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) to mitigate noise
  4. Calling for air traffic controllers to monitor flights up to 7,000 ft, rather than just 4,000 ft.

The letter can be read in full below. Click to enlarge.

Heathrow update letter (July 2015)

Windsor MP keeps up the pressure on Heathrow noise

Heathrow Airport and the national air traffic controller, NATS, have responded to Windsor’s MP Adam Afriyie’s criticism of noise changes in the constituency.

The airport has explained that all airports in the UK are implementing the Future Airspace Strategy that promotes performance based navigation (PBN) along standard plane departure and arrival routes. The CAA has since suggested that there may be a consultation into the changes.

Adam Afriyie met with community representatives and members of the Heathrow Noise Community Forum to discuss the effects of extra noise from Heathrow over the past year.

Mr Afriyie has responded to Heathrow’s clarification, saying:

“It’s important that residents concerned at the level of noise following recent changes continue to write in to the Civil Aviation Authority to push for a full consultation, given the level of unwanted and unexpected noise across the constituency.

“More than ever, now is the time to fight against noise from Heathrow that inflicts untold misery on local communities.

Centre-right think tank backs MP’s call to reject the Airports Commission’s main recommendation

The Bow Group, an influential centre-right think tank, has published a report by the Conservative MP, Adam Afriyie, calling on the Government to reject the main recommendation of the Airports Commission.

In his report, Adam Afriyie calls for a long-term strategy for UK aviation.

In the report, titled A Confident and Forward Looking Britain Would Build an Offshore Airport, Mr Afriyie writes:

“Heathrow is not located in an area amenable to major expansion. The ludicrous plan for expansion includes the introduction of a congestion charge for people dropping off relatives at the airport, re-tunnelling the M25 (the busiest motorway in the country) to avoid the new runway, relocation of a nearby waste management plant, and restriction on flights at nearby RAF Northolt.

“If we are destined to take a short-sighted view, then an extra runway at Gatwick would certainly be a better option. Importantly, Gatwick will not place an unbearable burden on the public purse. Heathrow could cost the taxpayer anywhere between £15-20 billion.

“What happens when we need two, three or four more runways? And we will.

Windsor’s MP praises Budget for social mobility

Summer Budget - Personal AllowanceToday Adam Afriyie, Windsor’s MP for the past decade, has welcomed the Chancellor’s 2015 Budget, which has set out how the Government will eliminate the deficit and boost economic growth and employment.

The measures included a lower tax for the lower paid, a commitment to the NATO defence spending target of 2%, continuation of welfare reforms and objectives to achieve 3 million new apprenticeships and full employment by 2020.

Mr Afriyie, commented after watching the Budget:

“This Budget takes people out of state dependency and lets working people keep more of the money they earn.

“The Labour Party bred state dependency in their time in office through the use of tax credits.  It was a dreadful system that meant middle and higher income families were supplicants to the state for handouts. In effect the state took your money in taxes, then repaid some of it back to you in tax credits for which you were meant to be grateful.

“This Budget begins to unpick unhealthy state dependency and allows people to re-gain control of their lives and spending choices.